For our granny, Verna Raddant, a true example of how one should live their life.

With love from Nicole, Ashley & Jordan.

There is not a significant memory of our childhood that does not have you in it sweet grandma. You were always there, front and center, to cheer us on, provide encouragement and let us know just how proud you and grandpa were of our accomplishments. The two of you never missed a ball game…traveling hours to watch Jordan play! You enjoyed our choir concerts, church performances and little Ella’s dance recitals.

Your love for God, Grandpa and this family was of an exemplary standard. You let us know how important it was to live a good Christian life, showing love, respect and kindness to others and approaching all situations with grace. You did not have a bad bone in your body and always looked for the good in others, and often times brought it out!

We find comfort in knowing that you have been reunited with Grandpa. The love story that the two of you shared is heartwarming and the thought that love so pure still existed is something to boast about! We strive daily to live and love the way the two of you did. We are still in awe when we recall Grandpa’s last years and your devotion to him and the care you provided. Your strength and courage, beyond a doubt, was incredible!

But mostly, grandma, we miss you, we miss you more than we could ever express in written word. Your sweetness, your acceptance and your love…how we wish for one last hug or one more kiss! How we wish you could see our little boys play ball and watch how beautiful Ella has become as she twirls across the dance floor! We are indebted to you, always, for the unending love that you provided this family. We will continue to share our fond memories and hold them close to our hearts, and we will continue to teach our kids they way you taught yours and they taught us! We love you, we love you so much!