Looking for a good way to raise money for your charity? Here are 6 creative and fun ways to support your local charity.

  1. T-shirt Fundraising
    T-shirt sales are a classic way to fundraise. After all, who doesn’t love a chance to get an awesome new T-shirt? There are many different services and applications that allow you to design your own T-shirt, you can go wild and create any design you like!
  2. Create Cookbooks
    Gathering recipes for delicious dishes is a great way to fundraise, not only does it raise money for your charity, but it brings the community together to share their favorite recipes! There are a few different ways you can use a cookbook to raise money. You can gather your own recipes and recipes from people you know, and compile them into one book that you can sell to people in your community, or you can have people pay to include their recipes in one, grand cookbook!
  3. Host a Trivia Night
    Partner up with a local restaurant or bar to host a trivia night! Who doesn’t love a chance to show off their knowledge? Advertise well in advance to bring people in, and once the night arrives, have people sign up to compete. You can even make it more exciting by using a theme: US presidents, movies, music, it’s up to you!
  4. Host a Read-a-thon
    Reading is one of the most pleasant pastimes, and with this fundraiser, you can read to raise money! For the read-a-thon, supporters will receive pledges from their family and friends, for the number of pages in a book they can read in a certain amount of time. While they’re reading, they log their reading times, and once the time is up, supporters can donate the amount of money they pledged. You can offer a prize for the participant that read the most, or choose the books that they read, make it your own!
  5. Organize an Outdoor Movie Night
    A night at the movies! Setting up an outdoor movie showing is a great way to gain support for your charity from a group of people other than your supporters. People would love the opportunity to go see a movie with a group of friends, or to spend time with their family, or even go on a date. You can even arrange to make more money by selling food, drinks, blankets, or holding a raffle.
  6. Classic Car Show
    There’s something very captivating about walking onto a regular parking lot or field, and being able to see all those beautiful cars from a different era. Have people from all around the community come to show off all their old classic cars in an event to raise money for your charity. You can charge money for an entrance fee, or host an auction or raffle to sell the vehicles.